Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who are We?

The International Society of Skin Flute Players is a group of men around the world who participate in one of the oldest forms of music in the history of the world - body music. Body music started with clapping hands, striking different parts of the body with the hands to produce different sounds and pitches.  Singing, of course was primative body music.  Any kind of sound produced without an external instrument could be body music.

Modern Skin Flute music is produced by stroking or hitting the penis and scrotum while the mouth is open or closed.  Both the percussive sounds of the penile movements and bouncing balls and the oral sounds coming through the mouth together, form the finished musical experiance.

Different styles and methods of performance are shown here.

Right handed Uncut Performance

Left Handed Flute player with Percussion Accompaniment

Climax of the Performance

Flute and Base Duet with Vocals

Two handed Performance

"The Nutcracker"

Outdoor SF performance

Skin Flute and Vocal Duet
Notice the finger technique